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Willie Brake is honoring his sister Latricia Wright

I would like to honor my sister Latricia Wright, Corporate Wellness Coach, Nutritionist and founder of Olive Seed for her notable service to mankind and dedication to our community. Latricia is reputed for her engagement and success in driving a healthier workplace culture while propelling individuals to discover the healthiest versions of themselves. Latricia came to realize that wellness means something different to everyone; therefore her programs account for individuality to fill the needs of her clients and the community in a way that is easy, enjoyable, and actionable.

Recognizing the need for engaging nutrition programs, Latricia initiated a successful well-attended community walking program in 2014. Latricia also offers monthly gardening and culinary classes to assist with reducing cardiovascular disease and maintaining a healthy heart. I admire her commitment to providing intentional service, and bringing about positive transformation of health and wellness in our community.

We will continue to honor women throughout the year. Submit your honoree at [email protected] or call 313-949-3133


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