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And just like that, people stopped talking about Covid-19

Let’s look at the riots of the last week.

The cops have pretty much stood down and have taken a defensive posture.

The protestors, though aggravating, have been fairly peaceful.

The trouble comes from the professional agitators that come in and do the looting and burning.

People such as Antifa and probably white racists.

Both hell bent on using the protests to cause trouble.

They have burned churches, banks and police stations and looted Target stores.

Police superiors have told the police to stand down.

The memory of George Floyd doesn’t deserve it.

Let’s talk about George Floyd a bit.

Forgotten, or ignored in all this is the fact that he was being arrested for forgery.

Though that doesn’t mean kneeling on the neck for 9 minutes.

Most police I know would have pulled the cop off Floyd’s neck.

Why didn’t the others stop him?

We don’t know what happened after he was cuffed and how he got on the ground.

The whole thing doesn’t mean burning down cities across the country.

Somewhere, George Soros is smiling over all this.

Jim has been a columnist for the Telegram for over the past five years. You can contact Jim at jamesabeare@gmail.



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