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Articles from the November 22, 2018 edition

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  • The Moral Burden of Thanksgiving

    Rev. Jessie Jackson|Nov 22, 2018

    In the bloody summer of 1863, the Union Army defeated General Robert E. Lee's Confederate forces at Gettysburg, a three-day battle that changed the course of the Civil War and the long journey from slavery to freedom. Three months later, in a profound gesture of gratitude, President Abraham Lincoln officially proclaimed the fourth Thursday of November to be a national holiday, a national day of thanksgiving. The Union would hold. The people would be free. "No human counsel hath devised nor hath... Full story

  • Man 69, sues to be 49

    James Abeare, Telegram Columnist|Nov 22, 2018

    People of this world just seem to get crazier and crazier. Remember my column on People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals declaring milk racist? Well this is another good one. A Dutch man, Emile Ratelband age 69, is suing his local government to be declared twenty years younger, age 49. Part of his argument is that his doctor says he has a body of a 45 year old. Another argument is that if people can change their genders, he can change his age. The difference there is that a person that... Full story

  • Black Educator Strives to Improve Learning

    Steven Malik Shelton, Telegram Columnist|Nov 22, 2018

    Professor Veda Jairrels believes African American students must read more to improve performance on achievement exams and prepare them for the fields of mathematics, science, medicine, business and other disciplines. Jaireels's book entitled, African Americans and Standardized Tests: The Real Reason for Low Test Scores, is a blueprint for parents to enhance the learning and comprehension skills of their children so they can better compete in an increasingly high-tech world. The book is... Full story

  • A Native to Know: Ira Hayes

    Renee Summers, Telegram Reporter|Nov 22, 2018

    One of the most famous and iconic photographs in American history shows the American flag being raised on the island of Iwo Jima in February of 1945, in the Pacific theater during WW II. The flag was raised by six U.S. Marines atop Mount Suribachi, five days after the Marines landed on Iwo Jima. The moment was captured by Associated Press photographer Joe Rosenthal and within days, the image was splashed across American newspapers. Among the six men raising the flag was a man fighting for a... Full story

  • The PuLSE Institute host forum on Race, Illiteracy and Poverty

    Gina Steward|Nov 22, 2018

    The state of the Detroit Public School Community District is currently at a level where there is only one way to go and that is up. The PuLSE Institute's latest forum Race, Illiteracy and Poverty - Confronting the three evils of Public Education in Detroit was their next step at coming up with policies to keep the momentum going. The forum took place on November 14th in the auditorium at Denby High School which is located on the East side of Detroit. The panel included Dr. Nikolai Vitti,... Full story

  • Inkster Police Department Deliver Thanksgiving Turkeys to Deserving Families

    Nov 22, 2018

    INKSTER - Throughout the afternoon of November 20, 2018 Inkster police officers delivered Thanksgiving turkeys to several deserving families throughout Inkster. This is another example of how the Inkster Police Department and its officers are working to be there for their community. Chief of Police William Riley stated "This is what policing is all about, we certainly have a duty to protect but there is much more to our job than just arresting the bad guys. We care about the people in our city... Full story

  • Santaland Parade a Holiday Tradition in Garden City

    Renee Summers, Telegram Reporter|Nov 22, 2018

    The 58th Annual Garden City Santaland Parade will be held on Saturday, November 24 at 10 a.m. The parade has been a tradition in Garden City since 1961. Parade spokesperson Dan York has been with the parade committee for 15 years and says that apart from the Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Santaland Parade is the oldest in the region. He adds the parade is very well-run. "It's a very professional-losing parade without losing the hometown feel," he says. York adds that the parade committee... Full story