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Were the Cops that Killed George Floyd Undercharged?

The White Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, who is captured on video participating in the death of George Floyd, a Black man, by kneeling the weight of his body on Floyd's neck for almost... Full story



Since taking office in 2014, Mayor Mike Duggan has spent close to 300M dollars in federal Hardest Hit Funds to tear down thousands of homes in the city of Detroit. Moreover, he has stated publicly on... Full story


Detroit Hit Hard by Mismanagement and Exploitation

n 2010, the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) (also known as the Hardest Hit Fund) was established to provide help to families in areas of the nation adversely affected by the economic tsunami igni... Full story


Mayor Duggan's Make Your Date Initiative Steeped in Cronyism and a Terrible Legacy

Mayor Mike Duggan's controversial 'Make Your Date' sponsorship and program came under renewed fire recently when Detroit Inspector General, Ellen Ha, released a report citing possible unlawful... Full story


Is Mayor Duggan's 250M Bond Proposal Resting on Shaky Ground?

Mayor Mike Duggan is soliciting political and community support to place a $250 million-dollar municipal bond proposal on the ballot in March 2020.Yet, a recent report released by Detroit Auditor... Full story


Jesse Jackson Holds 20th Automotive Summit in Detroit

On November 1, Reverend Jesse Jackson spearheaded the 20th Global Automotive Summit at the Motor City Casino conference room in Detroit. This year's theme is entitled, "Expanding the African American... Full story


Ramone Jackson and Detroit's Resources

5 year-old Black man, Ramone Jackson, has spent most of his life living in Detroit and he is intense when discussing how city government has failed the people it is supposed to represent. Jackson is... Full story


How Redlining Produced Poverty in Detroit

DETROIT - Detroit is known as one of the most poverty stricken large urban areas in the United States. And according to the 2000 U.S. Census, Detroit has the highest percentage of Black people in citi... Full story


Charles H. Wright Museum Hosts Inspiring Memorial for Kwame Kenyatta

On Saturday June 23, the Charles H. Wright African Museum hosted a celebration honoring the life and legacy of former Detroit councilman and African-centered activist, Kwame Kenyatta. Kenyatta passed... Full story


Detroiters Concerned about Expanding Surveillance

In his State of the City speech last March, Mayor Mike Duggan promised to install more surveillance cameras throughout Detroit. This is in conjunction with the city's controversial Green Light... Full story


Rev. Horace Sheffield, Dabo and the Struggle for Social Justice

The Detroit Association of Black Organizations (Dabo) is a consortium of organizations and community groups that work together and provide resources and services for the overlooked and the underserved... Full story


Drinking Water in Michigan

In the autumn of 2018, the city of Hamtramck warned residents that the water supply might be tainted after several samples from homes showed elevated levels of lead. City officials declared that... Full story


Commissioners Protest 'Illegal' Detroit Charter Meeting

On March 30th tempers flared and several Detroit Charter Commission members walked out of what they described as a meeting that was not scheduled according to Robert's Rule of Order (which the... Full story


Crime Rates Dropping in Highland Park

Highland Park is a small municipality completely enveloped by Detroit. According to the last census, it has a population of 11,776. And although home to Henry Ford's first mass production auto... Full story


The Other Drug Dealer

In early March, the Northwest Activity Center gave a symposium to promote awareness of the opioid substance abuse epidemic that is devastating southeast Michigan and the nation. The forum consisted... Full story


Policing the Police

DETROIT - The recent firing of a White Detroit police officer after he posted a racist snapchat video of a Black woman forced to walk home in freezing temperature has stirred controversy about the... Full story


The High Cost of Auto Insurance in Detroit

Statistically, the residents of the city of Detroit are some of the poorest in the nation. Detroiters are also subjected to some of the highest auto insurance rates in the United States where motorist... Full story


Detroit Charter Commission Hosts Third Community Meeting

DETROIT - On Saturday January 26th, the newly elected Detroit Charter Revision Commissioners held their third community meeting at the Samaritan Center on the city's east side. Detroiters voted last... Full story


The State of the Children

Last month, on December 8th a summit was held at the main branch of the Detroit Public Library to bring awareness of the plight of the nation's children. Speakers included Reverend Frederick D. Shaw J... Full story


Legalized Marijuana Part Two What it does to your body

Marijuana is a green, strong-smelling plant that grows around the world. The leaves of the plant contain the chemical substance THC which medical researchers are finding more ways and means in treatin...


Detroiters Want More Influence at Wright African American Museum

A Detroit coalition of community groups has demanded that trustees of the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History cancel an exhibit showcasing Thomas Jefferson's Virginia slave... Full story


Legalized Marijuana:

On November 6, Michigan voters passed Proposal 1 which legalized recreational marijuana in the state. When the law goes into effect on December 6, Marijuana will be regulated like tobacco products... Full story


Black Educator Strives to Improve Learning

Professor Veda Jairrels believes African American students must read more to improve performance on achievement exams and prepare them for the fields of mathematics, science, medicine, business and... Full story


Cash Bail Reform is needed

The Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution states that "excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishment inflicted" and the Declaration... Full story


Detroit and the Legacy of Civil Rights Icon Rosa Parks

When, on a December evening in 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a White man on a segregated bus in Montgomery Alabama, she was arrested and besieged by threats from angry White racists... Full story


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