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Elected officials must follow the rules

I attend many City Council meetings; some in person or on ZOOM. There are normally not many people attending. The audience is mostly made up of department heads and under ten loyal residents. Why don'...


Reading is a must skill...Pass it on.

How much time do your children spend reading in a week? Do they see you reading? I have always been a reader. My parents made sure we read books, mostly Black History books or stories, however we...


Making changes that will result in a better 2021

The year is off to a busy start and if we get involved, things will continue to move at a fast pace. As you think about what you will spend your time on, I suggest you take about a week to jot down so...


Black History is Everybody's History

Happy Black History Month! It's no time like the present for you to learn your history. During 2020, the Telegram News had a series entitled, 'Pioneers of African American History' written by Renee...


I Am Empowered

I traveled to Washington DC with a bus load of people that I didn't know. I was so excited as we gathered in Southfield for the long journey. I have been to the King Center in Atlanta numerous of...


Holding our Elected Officials Accountable is Hard Work and Risky

Twice a year I publish a column 'We must hold our Elected Officials Accountable". As I rally with the community members and we discuss the issues that are important to them, I see the fire in their...


The gift of positive information Give a subscription to the Telegram Newspaper

Where do you get your news from? I’m not talking about news outlets that only tell stories about people in your community when they commit a crime. I’m talking about news outlets that tell...


Come On People, Wear a Mask

The number of cases of people having a positive test for COVID-19 has been increasing. Then why are people still not wearing a mask or face covering? Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed an...


You Have The Right To VOTE; Now use it!

.It is the year 2020, and the General Election is less than a week away. Are you going to vote in the election. I hope so. This brief history explains what transpired in order for you to have 'the...


Why are the youth deciding to be activists?

I watched a group of young people over the last few months and I began to ponder the question, why are they activist? Were they born with the Activist gene or did they become activist because of the...


Rouge residents must speak out

RIVER ROUGE – A public hearing is when the citizens of a city are able to voice their comments on a certain issue that will affect the city. A public hearing must be published in a newspaper two wee...


What's next ? Police brutality is continuing

History is prone to repeat itself. This is a column I wrote in 2018. I wanted to republish it so we could see that we need to work on this vigorously. February 16, 2018 It started in 2016, now it's...


Elected officials must be held accountable

I sometimes ponder on the question, what is the responsibility of elected officials? I believe that their main responsibility is to represent the people in the area where they were elected. Whether...


The gift of positive information

Where do you get your news from? I'm not talking about news outlets that only tell stories about people in your community when they commit a crime. I'm talking about news outlets that tell stories abo...


How do you decide what to focus on?

There has been so much going on in 2020, that it is hard to determine which issue to focus on. Within the pages of the Telegram News, I try to encourage our readers to get involved in their...


Much Needed COVID-19 Testing comes to the Tri-Cities

COVID-19 affects African American and the Latino population at a higher rate than White Americans. The demographic study for Wayne County states that the Cities of Inkster, River Rouge and Ecorse... Full story


A new group of activist is here

I have been watching a lot of TV over the last three weeks and I have noticed something. A new group of activists has arisen. I have seen the passion, as they spoke so eloquently about things that are... Full story

 By Gina Steward    Opinion    June 4, 2020

It's hard to celebrate in times like these

This week marks my 15th Anniversary as owner of the Telegram Newspaper. What an accomplishment for me and my family! Last year, I had this grand plan of celebrating my 15th Anniversary and the 75th An... Full story


Where Is Your Mask?

It is so important that we wear a mask or face covering when we go outside. The US Surgeon General said that we can protect others from getting the Coronavirus when we wear a mask. It has been... Full story



Have you completed your 2020 Census? No! Please take about ten minutes to be counted this year. It is very important for your family, kids and community to complete the Census. The Constitution says... Full story

 By Gina Steward    Opinion    April 30, 2020

I'm tired of being in the house, But I must stay in

Oh how I would love for things to be back to normal; or just a little less confined. It has been about five weeks of being in the house and I seem to be having 'cabin fever'. I have watched some good... Full story

 By Gina Steward    Opinion    April 23, 2020

Working Together as we Prepare for after the Pandemic

Wow! The times we are living in are really putting our government and mental stability to a test. What are we to do? One; we must pray and realize that there is a higher power in control. Two; We... Full story

 By Gina Steward    Opinion    March 19, 2020

Are you able to Multi-task? In 2020, you must be.

There is so much going on that you have to be able to manage more than one thing as once. I have always bragged that I can multi-task, but even I am being challenged to stay focused. The Coronavirus... Full story


Do you know the words to Lift Every Voice and Sing?

For those of you that know me, you know I have a thing about The Black National Anthem' – Lift Every Voice and Sing. Last year2019, was the 100th year anniversary of the song/poem. Lift Every Voice... Full story


Is your license plate light on?

Do you know why I stopped you? That is what the police officer said to me the other day? Lights blarring and my passengers looking at me. No, I don't know why you stopped me sir. The officer says,... Full story


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