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Books In The Hood Reviews: Malanie, The Perfectly Unique Swan!

I'Esha Mitchell is the newest writer to be welcomed to Downrivers' club of authors. Mitchell has already sold out of her first title, "Malanie, The Perfectly Unique Swan!", and is waiting patiently...

 By Xaiver Jones    Sports    August 26, 2021

Panthers Prepare for 2021: Hometown Heros Lead The Way

The 2020 season was a very unique one for every high school in the country. Games were canceled, seasons cut short, and extended at the same time. Some games leaked into the new year. The pandemic...

 By Xaiver Jones    Business    June 24, 2021

Shotcallerz and Dream Chasers Kezell's Grand Opening Coming This July!

Shotcallerz barber shop has had a reputation of making their customers crispy. You come in one way, and you're guaranteed to leave out looking and feeling different. Markeisha Ezell is keeping the...

 By Xaiver Jones    Business    June 17, 2021

Bakers Bible and BookStore - The Endurance of God's Will

Specialist Bakers Bible & Bookstore has been a valuable resource for communities, across the community of Detroit. The white building on Grand River Ave., and the corner of Woodside has been in...


Jameel Davis - Completely Naked

f you asked me the name of the book I'm reading, and I answered, "Completely Naked", you'll be fair to assume I'm indulging in a piece of erotic fiction. Especially if you've done your research, you...

 By Xaiver Jones    Education    May 13, 2021

The Man, The Marine, The Gunny

n the year 1977 there was a young man who had a dream. A motive outside of his hometown of Des Moine Iowa. This young man had lost his father as a child, and lived under the leadership of his mother...


Legislative Update With State Representative Tyrone Carter

4 was more than a year in time. 2020 was a thing that happened to the world. 2020 happened and most of the world didn't see it coming. Individuals like Tyrone Carter didn't have time to see it...

 By Xaiver Jones    News    February 25, 2021

Russell Hughes: A Black Engineer, Father & Football Coach

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the men and women who built it did not learn the skills overnight. These people centuries ago belonged to a special, underrecognized, but omnipotent group of i...


The Golden Grip Of Doctor Ingrid Wilson-Johnson

In 2021 I will be twenty-eight years old. I've had my driver's license since I was seventeen years old. I wrote my first article for the Telegram Newspaper ten years ago. There are sixteen years of...


Covid Bowl 2021 - Clash Of The Panthers

Everything about last year, and the upcoming years ahead will be called nothing short of historical. The year, 2019 ended with River Rouge earning its first State Title against the Muskegon Big Reds....


Tarence Wheeler Closes The Gap Food is Vital for Success

There are a plethora of gaps that exist among the people in America. The wealth gap is what's spoken of on the front line, but it's only the tip of the iceberg; or just another block in the stack....


T'Kay's Terrific Twos

There is a box of treasure hidden under River Rouge. Hordes of people travel for sports, food, and entertainment in the city has skyrocketed over recent years. The fact that has taken the region by...


Dancing Monkeys In My Soup

Due to the fact that I don't have any children of my own, it's always a holiday or rare occasion in which I can read a children's book. The last time I got to read a children's book was for a series...

 By Xaiver Jones    News    August 13, 2020

Telegram Celebrates It's 76th Anniversary

Black people, in America have been fighting for the rights and resources to own business since the day our chains were taken off. Black businesses are important to the communities they are meant to...


Malik Boynton: Process of a Legacy

Small towns have their reputations. Some good, some bad, some false, some true. A small town's biggest fable is that it breeds once in a lifetime talents. Some individuals are destined to outgrow the...

 By Xaiver Jones    News    July 16, 2020

Kippriol's Fair Trial

On the outside looking in; The United States justice system seems to be the farthest thing from a "system of justice. Every American. Directly or indirectly has, or will have their experiences with... Full story

 By Xaiver Jones    News    June 25, 2020

Juneteenth In The Hood

America has been locked in a constant state of transition and decay, since the first ship docked on the ports of Virginia in 1619. English and Spanish empires had their game plans locked down. The... Full story


So Fraiche and So Clean

What do you get when you combine fresh food, good recipes, great service, and a comfortable environment? Drop this location in the heart of River Rouge; and you got the Soo Fraiche Grill. Owned and...


River Rouge Panthers are State Champions

Everything led up to The MHSAA Division 3 state finals. The slot scheduled to be the last football game of 2019 belonged to Muskegon's undefeated Big Reds. The Big Reds were ranked number one by... Full story

 By Xaiver Jones    News    November 28, 2019

We're Going To Ford Field!

12 has given the state of Michigan some of the best football its ever seen. Smiles, tears, heartbreak, and upsets all dealt by the hands of high school boys. As Thanksgiving approaches, the MHSAA fo... Full story


Downriver's Secret Weapon: Jaylia Washington

f you're just now tuning into the life of Jaylia Washington, you'll see a composed, multi faceted business women. The first thing you would notice about Jaylia, is her drive and tenacity. If you met... Full story


River Rouge Head Football Coach- Corey Parker: A Ten Year Review

Football is a vital piece in the puzzle that's Corey Parker's life. It served as an outlet for him at St. Martin Deporres High School; where playing the safety position kept his mind and intentions... Full story


Albert Harper Sets Record At Courageous Health & Fitness Expo

Health is a journey that comes with its own trials and tribulations. The dedication to pick yourself up and exercise comes at different times for different people. As vital as physical health may be,... Full story


Mrs. Smith Celebrates Forty Years Of Feeding Famlies

For a school district to run properly, all parts must function in synchronicity. The district can be a constant cycle of change. Policies change, teachers retire, administrators find new jobs. One... Full story


Downriver Wild 'N Out was full of jokes

ECORSE - Nick Cannon's Wild 'N Out has been a television jewel since its premiere in 2005. A platform was created where our favorite up and coming comedians came together and started their careers.... Full story


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